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SQL+ .NET is a new technology, and we truly believe it is a best in class tool for SQL developers, and for that reason we are making a special limited time offer. The first 5000 users will get it free for the first year. That’s right, simply enter the following coupon code EARLYADOPTER when you register, and the first year is on us. After that a measly 29.95 a year is all we ask.


$29.95 per year gets you unlimitted access to all the SQL+ .NET goodness. This plan makes use of azure functions hosted in the cloud, and you must register through the web site.


For organizations who wish to host there own azure functions either in house or in the cloud, the price is $25.95 per year per person plus installation fees.

Other services include custom templates, special features and one-on-one training sessions. If you have specific needs please use the contact page to reach out.

Hourly rate for custom work is 150.00


Everything you need to get up and running with SQL+ .NET including the code builder, samples and docs.

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