Features SQL+ .NET

A few advantages over other tools include:

  • Semantic Tags – these tags allow you to build software based on a single source of truth and provide functionality beyond what a database supports natively.
  • Performance – code is generated as concrete objects and utilizes native ADO.net, you simply cannot write more performant code.
  • Maintainability – changes to the underlying SQL can easily be compensated for by simply re-running the builder.
  • Consistency – services adhere to a simple pattern. Pass an input object to a service method and get an output object back. Developers will quickly adapt to the pattern.
  • SQL Centric – provides a better development workflow for those developers who have invested time in learning SQL.
  • Productivity – all you have to write is SQL, all the nuisance code is done by the tool. You’ll get more done in less time than you can imagine.
  • Transactions – support is built in, simply pass a transaction object to the service constructor and commit or rollback as necessary.
  • Transient Errors – the only tool that has this functionality built in and allows configuration at run time
  • Affordable – seriously, this tool pays for itself the first day.
  • Zero Risk - if you decide to cancel in the first 90 days, we will give you a full refund. If you cancel after that we will give you a prorated refund. In both cases a small transaction fee applies.