About SQL+ .NET

We are small team of developers who have spent decades building software. Frustrated with the options available for data access from application layer code, we took it upon ourselves to create something that leverages the talents of SQL developers. If you're good with SQL, you'll be even better with SQL+ .NET.

A few advantages over other tools include:

  • Semantic Tags – these tags allow you to consolidate validation to a single point, and extend the functionality that a database supports natively.
  • Performance – code is generated as concrete objects and utilizes native ADO.net, providing not only rapid development, but the most performant code available.
  • Maintainability – changes to the underlying SQL can easily be compensated for by simply re-running the builder.
  • Consistency – A common pattern for calling procedures from client applications. Pass an input object to a service method and get an output object back. Developers will quickly adapt to the pattern.
  • SQL Centric – provides a better development workflow for those developers who have invested time in learning SQL.

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