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By simply adding comments to your SQL, you can generate high-performance object-oriented data services that are ready for production. SQL+.NET services are more performant, more reliable, and easier to maintain than any other tool available, guaranteed.

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Kirk Barrett - Bank Mobile

When I realized exactly what this tool did, it was a no brainer for me. Our services run faster, are more stable, we're more productive, and our database is running like a champ. Thank you for this product.

John D. Waidhofer

This utility produces code that runs faster than entity framework. It allows for much easier development when starting from the database schema perspective. This is a must have for programmers that have spent the time understanding SQL.

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A SQL first process for building services means you have the full power of the database at your disposal.


Write your SQL, add comments, generate code. Most productive workflow available to SQL developers.


Generated code uses native ADO and maps results into concrete objects. It's fast, really fast.